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in the real taste of chocolate in a spread! With its perfectly creamy consistency, you can ooze our delicious Chocolate Spreads into frozen yoghurt, spread thickly onto toast, or simply dig in with your spoon (we know we do!). Ophellia promises a deeper flavor and a genuine high-class quality. We blend rich cocoa with fruits grown in Greece; This gives our spread its sweet, fruity taste, to be enjoyed purely for your pleasure. Oil separation occurs naturally - just stir back in and enjoy!



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  • 63 Monastiriou str, Thessaloniki, 54627, Greece
  • Tel: +302310556989  | Fax: +302310556989
  • Production Facilities: Keramoutsi - Iraklion - Crete


Summer Fancy Food Show 2018, New York

Jun 18, 2018 Hits:74 NEWS

Summer Fancy Food Show 2018, New York

Summer Fancy Food Show 2018 JUNE 30 - JULY 2, 2018Javits Center- New York Level 1Stand 4848

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